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The Second International Symposium on
Southeast Asian Water Environment

    Presentation guideline

    - Instructions for the Oral Presentation -

    1. Presentations are restricted to 15 minutes and another 5 minutes for discussion. In addition, at the end of each session, approximately 15 minutes are reserved for any further discussion (you are strongly urged to keep to this time limit).

    2. Each room is equipped with an overhead projector, and a computer (with Microsoft Office XP or 2000 version) assisted with LCD projector.
    - Presenters using LCD projector should copy your files to the available computer set up before the session.
    - Presenter should indicate projector requirements at time of registration.

    3. It is strongly recommended to prepare your presentation using Power Point Program and to save your file in a floppy disk, CD-R, CD-RW, or USB storage.

    4. It is advised to also prepare your own slides for overhead projection (OHP), especially in case of incompatibility among machines used.

    5. Presenters must submit a file of presentation at the registration desk during registering for the Symposium attendance.

    - Instructions for the Poster Presentation -

    1. The dimensions of the poster board are: 90 cm wide and 170 cm long.

    2. Allocate the top of the poster for the title and authors as stated on the submitted paper or abstract.

    3. The text, illustrations, and so on should be bold enough to be read from a distance of two meters.

    4. Pushpins will be provided for mounting posters.

    5. Posters should be mounted on December 1, 2004 at the poster board set by using your poster number (please see your poster number at the list of poster presenters in the final program).

    6. Presenters have to stand in front of their poster during the schedule poster viewing session in order to answer questions and also to provide additional explanation and information.

    7. The poster presentation is scheduled on December 2nd morning and 3rd afternoon.

    Updated: October 7, 2004