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The Second International Symposium on
Southeast Asian Water Environment

    Invitation from the Chair

    Rapid economic growth in Southeast Asian countries has brought about better living conditions and greater opportunities for global market integration. However, it is widely recognized that the damage of natural resources resulting from the release of industrial, and domestic wastes and several pollutants is degrading the Southeast Asian environment. Environment degradation is disproportionately impacting the health and livelihood of the inhabitants of the region.

    Over the last few years, a number of research projects have been carried out in Southeast Asia to provide applied environmental technology, improve public awareness, and help policy-makers come up with sound environmental measures. We appreciate the contributions of the researchers, policy makers and stakeholders from Japan, Europe and other developed countries who have amassed an impressive and invaluable body of knowledge concerning environmental issues in Southeast Asia. This symposium series was originated in order to provide a unique opportunity to exchange experience and work related on water environmental protection and restoration. Last year, we have successfully organized the First International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment in Bangkok, Thailand. The symposium attracted numbers of researchers, policy makers, NGO workers, and graduate students in the world.

    The University of Tokyo (UT) and the Asian Institute of Technology Center in Vietnam (AITCV), in cooperation with Southeast Asian Center on Water Environment Technology (SACWET), a joint center of UT and AIT, are pleased to announce the Second International Symposium on Southeast Asian Water Environment, scheduled to be held in Hanoi, Vietnam from 1-3 December 2004. The purpose of this Symposium is to provide a forum for discussion and exchange among researchers/practitioners in Environmental Technology and Management and related areas from the Asian Region and to promote interaction among researchers from Asia-Pacific countries, Japan, the United States, Europe and other parts of the world. We do hope that, through the Symposium, a strong network or partnership with active local change agents will be established, and our colleagues in Southeast Asia will learn more from the experts of other countries to protect the environment of the region. To do so, we are relying on the expertise and research level of the Southeast Asian community to take part in this challenge.

    On behalf of the Symposium organizing committee, I would like to invite interested researchers/experts to send their contributions/papers to the Symposium and actively disseminate this announcement to potentially interested people/organizations.

    Symposium Chair: Shinichiro Ohgaki (UT)
    Symposium Co-Chair: Nguyen Cong Thanh (AITCV)
    Symposium Co-Chair: Keisuke Hanaki (UT)

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    Updated: April 12, 2004