Water Environment and Earth Summer Seminar
for International Students 2017

Application Information

The University of Tokyo (Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science, Dept. of Civil Engineering, and Urban Engineering), National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies, METAWATER Co., Ltd., Nippon Koei Co., Ltd.,KANSEI Company, and SUNTORY HOLDINGS Ltd. are jointly planning to hold an "Water Environment and Earth Summer Seminar for International Students 2017".

This seminar aims to help students understand basics of the water management, i.e., flood control, water utilization, and water environment, by intensive lectures and tours. In detail, we are planning to show you disaster prevention by means of the river basin management, water utilizations by means of the water resources management, and environmental management by means of wastewater treatment and water reclamation.

This seminar started in 2014 and will be continuously held once in two years. Themes of the previous seminars were "Shinkansen", "urban railway and urban development", and "highway and car". Students are invited to take advantage of this opportunity by applying for the seminar.

Chairman of Water Environment and Earth Summer Seminar Committee
Kensuke Fukushi, Professor
The University of Tokyo

----Important Notice----

Application form and way of application have been changed.
The new application form is available here.
Please apply via this website.

Schedule is available here

Application form is available here

1. Schedule

Thursday, August 3rd to Saturday August 5th (three days and two nights).
Detailed information is shown here.

2. Attendance fee

- \5,000 must be paid for materials.
- Transportation cost, accommodation cost and reception party cost during the seminar will be covered by the organizers.
- Other costs (ex. transportation cost to Tokyo, meals) must be paid at the applicantfs own expense..

3. Number of attendees

30 international students studying in the graduate schools of Japanese universities and 10 Japanese undergraduate/graduate students.

4. Eligibility

You are eligible to apply for this seminar if you are studying in any of the fields of

hydrology, hydraulics, river engineering, sanitary engineering, environmental engineering, urban planning and so on,

and if ALL of the following conditions are met:

- You are a student enrolled on a master's/doctoral course in a Japanese graduate school.
- You are supervised by instructors of Japanese graduate schools.
- You must accept the conditions outlined in g8. Conditions.h

5. How to apply

- Application deadline: Friday, June 23rd, 2017, 23:59 JST
- Applicants for this seminar are required to complete application form and submit it to the website "www.wee2017.com" .

6. Screening of participants

- Since it is expected that the number of applicants will exceed the capacity, participants will be selected after screening of all applicants through their applications.
- A review committee, represented by each the host organization, will conduct the screening.
- Screening criteria will focus on your background knowledge of the field mentioned in 4. , your motivation and your intended future career, evident in the application.

7. Selection of participants

All the applicants will be notified of the results by e-mail no later than Friday, July 14th, 2016.

8. Conditions

- All students will share bedrooms with another participant of the same gender.
- Because of the hot season, business casual wear is acceptable, but please dress respectfully.
- Personal safety insurance during the seminar must be purchased at applicantfs own expense.
- If you cannot attend the seminar for personal reasons, please let us know by July 21st. Cancellation after that date will not be possible.
- All participants must follow the organizerfs instructions.

9. Language during the Seminar


10. Contact

Water Environment and Earth Summer Seminar Committee

Chairman: Kensuke FUKUSHI, Professor, the University of Tokyo
Chief Secretary: Takeyoshi CHIBANA, Associate Professor, the University of Tokyo
Contact e-mail: hata[at]ir3s.u-tokyo.ac.jp (Akihiko HATA, the University of Tokyo)